Why Switching to Natural Handmade Organic Soap is a No-brainer

Natural Handmade Organic SoapThere’s a debate between what’s better: commercial soap or organic soap. At first glance, commercial soap seems to be the logical, practical answer. However, this answer only stems from the fact that commercial soap is more readily available than organic soap. Many people are misinformed or completely uninformed about organic soap products because fewer people use them and they’re not as mass-produced as commercial soap. But the truth is, brands that make high quality natural, organic soap will make you think twice about using commercial soap.

Commercial soaps have something that organic soaps do not have: chemicals. One of the biggest reasons why people choose to buy organic soap over commercial soap is the lack of irritating chemical ingredients. Organic soaps care for the user’s skin, especially for those who have extra sensitive skin. Even if you don’t get rashes outright from commercial soap, the toxins from these harmful chemical can gradually build up, eventually leaving your skin dry and itchy — and that is something organic soap products do not do.

How bad are these chemicals exactly? Well, different harmful chemicals are mixed together for commercial soaps. However, three fairly common chemical substances used in these types of soaps are paraben, phthalates, and triclosan, all of which have a high hazard rating in the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. This database of chemicals used in cosmetic products rates these chemicals as highly hazardous to the human skin.

Paraben is known to be linked to cancer. Breast cancer is known to be caused by estrogen exposure. Paraben is a chemical that mimics estrogen weakly, so continuous use of products with paraben such as commercial soap can result into the development of breast cancer. Phtalates, much like paraben, is also linked to breast cancer, though phtalates has more side effects than paraben. Phtalates is also known to cause asthma, obesity and diabetes, behavioral issues, and even fertility issues in men. Triclosan, even in low doses, affects thyroid hormone concentrations which in turn disrupts the endocrine system.

On the other hand, organic soaps boast of a bunch of feats such as deep hydration because of the use of healthy and natural oil like coconut oil and olive oil, both oils used by Simple Nut Organics. This is perfect for babies who have more sensitive skin and people who are experiencing acne outbreaks as organic soaps are easy on the skin. Another impressive feat of organic soaps is the process: It’s completely eco-friendly as it requires no chemicals in the process and does not use machines — it’s lovingly and painstakingly handmade!

At this point, it’s no question that organic soap is better for the skin than chemical-filled commercial soap. Simple Nut Organics has a selection of natural, handmade, organic soap for sale that are safe to use for both the face and body and come in varying wonderful scents such as vanilla, lime, gardenia, and more.  You don’t even have to look far on where to buy organic soap since you can easily buy organic soap products online, such as the Simple Nut Organics website at https://www.simplenutorganics.com/. So pamper your skin and give it the TLC it deserves with organic, handmade soaps.