Organic Handmade Soaps – A Memorable Selection of Wedding Favors

Organic Handmade Soap for Wedding Favors

There’s no denying that wedding favors are a pretty compulsory feature for the bride and groom to offer to their guests. Some people choose tasty treats, others opt for a selection of products, but if you’re fed up of the mundane options out there then why not take a look at our unique solution? Here at Simple Nut Organics, we pride ourselves on creating some of the most luxurious and organic handmade soap bars – but did you know that it’s not just bars that we specialize in?

Take our organic wedding favors for example. They are our newest product and are selling like hot cakes – but instead of eating them, most of your guests will probably want to store them for the memories, or even use them to wash with. Now, you might be wondering what these products include, so let’s take a look at some of their features right now!

How much do they weigh?

Each cube weighs 3oz, making them ideal for buying and transporting in bulk. Once you give them out, your guests will undoubtedly love being able to store them with ease, ready for their next bath.

What Do Our Wedding Favor Organic Handmade Soaps Look Like?


Organic Handmade Soaps - Wedding Favors

They resemble dice, if we had to explain their appearance, with 6 sides. The front of the cube is stamped with the initials of the bride and groom, with a stunning copper tone to really add style.

Do they just come as cubes?

Of course not! We carefully package each and every cube into its very own gift box, with an easy to remove lid that slides right off.

Are Our Wedding Favors Scented?

As with all of our natural soap products, these wedding favors can be ordered in a variety of fragrances to ensure that you can choose the ideal style for your wedding.

Are our handmade organic soaps affordable?

We’re more than happy to offer affordable packages to the lucky couple, and the best way to find out how much we charge is by filling in the form on our website and letting us know how many you need.

All orders are shipped within 30 days from the date of purchase, making them a great option if you’re in the process of planning your wedding. To learn more about how these products look, and how fantastic an addition they could make to your tables, why not take a look at them right here on our website?

If you have any questions, if you’d like to place an order, or if you just want to get to know a bit more about what goes into these uniquely elegant little wedding favors, please feel free to send us an email today! We’re always happy to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.