Organic Handmade Soap As Nature Intended

lavendar soap barsOur natural moisturizing soaps are hand made with fine organic ingredients to help soften and nourish the skin that no over the counter commercial soap can do.  Our soaps do not leave any residue and leave your skin feeling soft, clean and glowingly healthy.

Why you should use our organic handmade soaps

  • We use the cold process method in each and every bar
  • We offer different soaps to suit your individualized needs
  • Each bar is hand made in small batches using essential oils and organic ingredients
  • We offer trial size as well as full size bars
  • Our soaps are 6 oz bars – even larger than most of our competitors
  • Indulge yourself on your favorite bars and see why we offer quality and care in every bar


Organic Hand Made Natural Soap Bar Milk Soap Busted Lime